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Training Webinar: Can babies between 0-2 years old suffer psychologically? Screening with the M-ADBB scale

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Formation créée le 14/06/2021. Dernière mise à jour le 14/06/2021

Programme de la formation

The M-ADBB scale is the shortened and validated version of the Baby Distress Alarm Scale (ADBB), it allows for the early detection of babies who engage in sustained relational withdrawal behavior. For more information on this subject, visit www.adbb-scale.com . This webinar, intended for all health, mental health and childcare professionals, will allow you to quickly detect which babies could be in psychological distress and possibly refer families for a more in- depth assessment or to set up support.

Objectifs de la formation

  • - Define relational withdrawal,
  • - Understand the links between relational withdrawal and developmental risk, - Name and define each item on the M-ADBB scale
  • - Use the M-ADBB scale in their professional setting
  • - Be able to observe a baby and detect babies in distress

Profil des bénéficiaires

Pour qui
  • Psychologists
  • • Social worker
  • • Doctors, Pediatricians
  • • Psychomotricians, nurses
  • • Physiotherapists
  • • Nursery nurses, Nursery professionals....
  • • Osteopaths
  • • Coordinators, heads of department
  • Knowledge of normal child development from 0 to 2 years
  • Work with babies from 0 to 24 months

Contenu de la formation

    • Can babies suffer psychologically
    • effect of stress
    • Definition
    • Theoretical basis
  • M-ADBB scale and its uses
    • The 5 items
    • How to use the scale o practice with video
Equipe pédagogique

Pedagogical team TRAINER: Alexandra Deprez, B-Families, pedagogical manager and trainers Doctor in psychology, certified trainer for the ADBB, expert trainer and pedagogical tutor. Child and adolescent psychologist. Trained in perinatal psychopathology and different attachment assessment tools (CARE-Index, Adult Attachment Interview, Strange Situation, Crowell Procedure..) and different modalities of informed attachment and trauma therapy interventions: Theraplay, EMDR etc. E- training pedagogical engineer. ADMINISTRATIVE TUTOR and LEARNING COMMUNITY MANAGER: Jocelyne Guillon, Director of Humagogie, responsible for the pedagogical coordination Educational engineer of E-training, Learning Community Manager (management and animation of learning communities) in the field of helping relationships. Expert in social networks and digital transformation of learning, she has been working for more than 25 years with medico-social and mental health professionals (public health department in Montreal, Health Canada, Center of health and social services, psychotherapy and training center in France, CNFPT, EHPAD...) Humagogie offers innovative training solutions for professionals and volunteers or carers and in the medical-social sector. We rethink pedagogy with digital tools, to create socially useful projects, placing human relations at the heart of the project.

Suivi de l'exécution et évaluation des résultats
  • Webinar attendance
  • Training evaluation forms.
Ressources techniques et pédagogiques
  • Reception of trainees in a room (virtual classroom) dedicated to the training.
  • Theoretical presentations
  • Study of concrete cases and production of your own videos
  • Online availability of support documents and the webinar replay following the training (available up to one month later)

Qualité et satisfaction

Trainee satisfaction rate.